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Science Communication

I strongly believe in bridging the knowledge gap between scientists and the public. For seven years, I have communicated science to thousands of people of all ages across five different countries using numerous mediums including outreach programs, public talks, news interviews, art and blogs.

Seabird Infographics

I love designing visual material that makes people excited to learn. I have recently started creating infographics to communicate information about the World's seabirds in a fun and accessible way. Check out the Infographics here.

The infographics have made over 100,000 impressions on Twitter. For the latest updates, follow #SeabirdInfographics

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News Interviews

My PhD research was featured in the CBC Coastlines episode focusing on seabirds:

I have been invited to discuss Atlantic puffin populations and gull behaviour in Newfoundland for CBC, the Canadian public broadcaster. Check out the links below to read and listen to the interviews!

CBC St John’s Morning Show:

Live Radio Interview

on Puffin Populations

CBC Newfoundland and Labrador:

Interview for Article

on Gull Behaviour

CBC Listen:

Radio Interview

on Gull Behaviour

Ocean Science School Program 

Images courtesy of Oceans Learning Partnership. Photos: Dave Howells.

Over two years, I have delivered 100 hands-on and immersive 40-minute lab sessions to 700 high school students through the MUN Ocean Science School Program. Students learn about a range of topics including habitat change, marine adaptation, dissections, dichotomous keys and aquaculture. For more information on the school program, visit the Coastal Explorers Field School website.

Public Engagement

For me, the most impactful and engaging science communication efforts have been through immersive outdoor activities with the public. I find participants always leave inspired and excited to learn more.

For World Oceans Day, I volunteered with the Ocean Science Centre and Ocean Learning Partnership, to deliver fun-filled and interactive sessions for 5th-grade students on the theme of marine debris. We brought the ocean to the hands of the students in a unique and innovative way through fun games, marine touch tanks, and exhibits to highlight the importance of conserving the ocean. The participants learnt about the impact of invasive species and how plastic bioaccumulates through the food chain. Click here for a CBC News report of the day.

As Long Term Volunteer on Skomer Island, I delivered guided walks to the public which taught them about the history of the island and the wonders of the many breeding seabirds. I also designed and ran the Secrets of Skomer's Seashore Family Day Activity which brought families to the tidepools to learn about the local species that are typically unnoticed by visitors. 

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