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Science Communication

I strongly believe in bridging the knowledge gap between scientists and the public. For ten years, I have communicated science to thousands of people of all ages across five different countries using numerous mediums including outreach programs, public talks, news interviews, art and blogs.

Seabird Research Events in Rigolet, Nunatsiavut

Jacqueline (Rigolet Inuit Research Coordinator) and myself held two community engagement events in Rigolet. We had 29 people attend the first Seabird Open House and an amazing 68 people attend the second Seabird Research Event, which is 20% of the town. People of all ages, from babies to elders, came to have fun. We shared some of the drone footage and answered people’s questions.  Additionally, we had lots of great games like Bingo and Minute to Win it, and pizza for everyone to enjoy.

I designed and created a seabird activity book and a velcro seabird ID game to distribute during the community engagement events. The local, Inuttut, and English species names are all included!

uKalagalâk Community Engagement Event

Designed an interactive puzzle, jigsaw, and colouring sheets for the Sustainable Nunatsiavut Futures uKalagalâk 

engagement events. The goal was to engage children and to share with the community about the project including what research is being done, where, by who, how, and why.


The lenses of knowledge puzzle was created in partnership with Inuit community member,  James Jacque.