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Cerren Richards

Department of Ocean Sciences, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Ocean Sciences Centre, 0 Marine Lab Road, St John’s NL, Canada, A1C 5S7


2018                  MSc Marine Biology

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Title: The link between seabird traits and anthropogenic threats with implications for conservation


2017                   BSc Marine Biology with Oceanography, 1st Class Hons

University of Southampton

Title: Manx shearwater rafting behaviour around Skomer Island


Richards, C., Padget, O., Guilford, T. & Bates, A. E. (2019) ‘Manx shearwater (Puffinus puffinus) rafting behaviour revealed by GPS-tracking and behavioural observations’, PeerJ, 7:e7863. [Editors’ Pick]

Awards & Scholarships

2019                  Pacific Seabird Group Travel Award                                                    $800 declined

2019                  Leslie Tuck Avian Ecology Award                                                         $5,552

2019                  Best Speaker Awards (3), Toastmasters 

2016                  Friends of Skomer and Skokholm Research Award                         $340

2014                  UWC Red Cross Nordic Academic Scholarship                              $68,300

2012                  Academic Excellence Award, YGBM High School 

2012                  Gifted and Talented Recognition, YGBM High School 

2012                  Recognition: Top 5% of the year, YGBM High School 

2011                   Academic Excellence Award, YGBM High School 

2011                   Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award 


2019                  Not all scientists wear lab coats - Seabird research across the world

Guest Lecture OCSC 1000, St John’s, NL (Oral Presentation)

2019                  Differentiating between traits of globally threatened and non-threatened seabirds

World Seabird Union Twitter Conference (Twitter Presentation)

2019                  Seabirds are in trouble. Is there hope?

Memorial Toastmasters, St John’s, NL (Oral Presentation - Best Speaker Award)

2019                  The Atlantic Puffin: Dynamic Energy Budget predictions and challenges

The Sixth International DEB Thematic School, Brest, France (Oral Presentation)

2013                  Edible macroalgae and its applications

Environmental Global Concerns Conference, Flekke, Norway (Oral Presentation)


2018-19            Teaching Assistant, Ocean Science Lab Program, St John’s, NL

Delivered almost 100 hands-on and immersive 40-minute lab sessions to 700 high school students. Topics include: habitat change, marine adaptation, dissections, dichotomous keys and aquaculture.

Science Communication & Outreach

2019                   Infographics: Designed to highlight seabird threats, >65,000 Twitter impressions

2019                   CBC Newfoundland and Labrador: Article on Gull behaviour

2019                   CBC Listen: Radio Interview on Gull Behaviour

2019                   CBC St John’s Morning Show: Radio Interview on Puffin Populations

2018                   Ocean Science’s Day: School engagement sessions

2017                    Los Farallones Blog: Writer

2017                    MARINElife research trips: Public talk to crew and passengers

2016                    Skomer Island: Family activity day and guided nature walk sessions

2016                    Skomer Island: Public talks to 250 people a day for three months

2016                    Friends of Skomer and Skokholm Newsletter: Writer

2016                    The Skomer Island Blog: Writer

2015                    Beach Safety Outreach: School engagement sessions

2014                    Fjord Touch Tanks, Norway: Public talk and engagement sessions

Field & Research Experience

2018-19            Wildlife Biologist, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Gull Is., Canada

Contracted and volunteer positions to monitor adult survival, productivity, and deploy GPS, GLS and PIT tags on Leach’s storm-petrels, Atlantic puffins and black-legged kittiwakes.

2017                   Seabird Research Assistant, Point Blue Conservation Science, Farallon Is., USA

Aided the island biologists with long-term monitoring of the population, reproductive success, and diet of 13 Farallon Island seabird species. Had primary responsibility to conduct all field and data work for five projects.

2016                  Long Term Volunteer, Wildlife Trust, Skomer Island, UK

Conducted productivity, adult survival and diet studies of four seabird species. Grey seal population monitoring. Long term dataset management. Whole island biodiversity surveys.

2016                  Field Assistant, University of Oxford, Skomer Island, UK

Assisted the Oxford Navigation Group with deployment and retrieval of over 100 tracking devices (GPS and GLS) from Manx shearwaters. Monitored chick weight, banded adults and chicks.

2016                  Field Assistant, University of Cambridge, Skomer Island, UK

Assisted the Department of Zoology sample for puffinosis, a viral disease that infects Manx shearwater chicks.

2016                  Offshore Research Surveyor, MARINElife, UK & France

Surveyed the distribution, abundance and population trends of cetaceans and seabirds along international vessel routes. Responsible for data sorting and report writing.

2014-17            Research Assistant, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK

Assisted three PhD students throughout my BSc to expand my laboratory and field skills, and gain first-hand experience of research methods.

Academic Activities & Services

2018-20          BioTIME Data Compiler and Curator, St John’s, NL

I compile data to fill the global spatiotemporal gaps in BioTIME, the largest open-access assemblage level biodiversity time-series database available in the world. I have curated over 120,000 species records.

2018-20          Reviewer, Biological Conservation (Reviews: 3)

2019                  Ocean School Science Researcher, St John’s, NL

I research the educational content for Ocean School, a ground-breaking online learning experience that combines innovative technologies with compelling storytelling to immerse youth in the world of ocean science and culture.

2019                  Executive at Large, Women in Science and Engineering Graduate Society, NL

Organization of events to increase the participation of women in STEM.

2019                  Oral Presentations Judge, Aldrich Conference, St. John’s, NL

2013                  Conference Organizer, Environmental Global Concerns Conference, Norway

On the organizing committee of a student-led conference that hosted 300

Conferences & Workshops

2019                  The Sixth International DEB Symposium and Thematic School, Brest, France

Attendee at the advanced two-week international event to train in Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) theory and modelling, and develop critical thinking, discussion, and statistical skills.

2019                  Nature Masterclass, St John’s, NL

Attended a one-day workshop to develop scientific writing and peer review skills, led by Nature Research journal editors.

2019                  Launch Forth: Leadership and Career Conference, St John’s, NL

One day conference to develop leadership skills.

2019                  Atlantic Canada Seabird Working Group (ACSWoG), St John’s, NL

2019                  Petrel Working Group, St John’s, NL

Professional Societies

2020                Canadian Society of Zoologists

2019                 Canadian Network for Ocean Education (CaNOE)

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